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Default Re: Ron's 66 Bug project

i now have working brakes, after modifying my bracket, i had to add a support that bolts on and keeps the pedals from falling off the shaft, i also started the dash modification, cut it all out, moved it into the car about 6 inches, i did this to make enough room for the steering shaft, so it wasnt right up against the valve cover, i have plenty of clearance now

some pictures,

1st ones are the bracket i made for the pedal assembly, can see where it goes out and around the pivot shaft, has a couple bolts that hold it onto the main bracket

the dash removed, then ya see some rods i used to extend it

dash back where its gonna go

thats it until i get some sheet metal over the dash, then get the steering support bearing mounted, then its just fabricate a steering column to fit between the dash and box (gonna steal the one off my rail for now)
after that its just headers and wire, headers are gonna be a problem for me, unless i can get a deal on a bunch of sets to cut apart that have the same diameter tube, then comes the wiring, but thats rather easy for me

there is a car show is a week from this Sunday the 26th of July, called "Rollin on The River" all sorts of different cars, it has free admission which is the main reason i go every year
i had planned to try and finish my car so i could drive it there, doesnt look like im gonna make it but i think im gonna make it by the end of the year

im danicin right along
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