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Default Re: Ron's 66 Bug project

so yesterday i cut and moved the dash back about 6 inches
well today i started covering it, im running out of hoods to use for sheet metal, well that is except the hood from the 81 Mustang which is the car the engine came from

anyway i cut out a section of the hood up front so i have the horse emblem in the middle of the dash


i will slowly fill in the gaps with the rest of the hood

im thinking now maybe i shouldnt paint it, soon all different colored sections inside goves it that lego kinda look

one day im gonna chop the top, but im gonna just lean my front windshield back a few degrees loweing the roof a little bit, chopping the rest out the rear and removing the B pillars
may even lay the rear window down so i dont hafta #1 cut the front windshield and #2 use plastic in the rear

those plans are a long was off tho, i wanna drive it soon
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