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Default Re: Ron's 66 Bug project

Here are a few pictures of the dash after i filled in the sides of it, i had to stop on it until i make a set of headers for it, then i can finish up the firewall, then work out the radiator hoses, then its just a matter of finishing up most of the welds, then I'm gonna work on wiring it up so i can start her up,

a few pics until i resume work, which will most likely be spring time

thats all for now, or until i find a buried fortune in my backyard, cause i have dang near won the lottery 3 times already, granted i didnt get money, but whats money if your dead, i got my organs i needed and I'm still here, to me thats much better than winning the lottery

until next time see ya's and if ya dont like what ive done with my car, well

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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