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Default Re: Ron's 66 Bug project

Well Summer is gone, please come back soon

I had a sudden change of event's, great for me, b'cause I have aquired a 69 VW Bug, but at the same time an unfortunate turn of event's for a fellow Cincinatian Eugene69, he need'd a car, and I did the work for him. I took the engine out of his 69... (his intro n build page)

anyhow I put the engine from his 69 into his 74 so he had a running car, I think he burnt a valve in the engine I took out of his 74, almost no compression in #3, the other 3 were all about 75 psi, it had a lotta oil blowby. He had to get rid of his 69 (no place to keep it).

I took it off his hands with hopes to fix the engine from his 74 (it seems to have a good short block), put it back in the 69, install the drivers side floor pan and heater channel, put in the windshield and drive it until....... well until I stop driving or winter makes me put ALL the glass back in.

Ya can't quite make it out in the 1st pic unless you look real hard, way under the car port is Eugene's 74, then the 69 and my 66 with the V8 (been many years since I have had 4 VW's, oh, the Rail has served as a nice lumber/steel rack for a number of years now )

a few picture's

ahh my 66 when I 1st bought it in Jan 1994, I was putting a starter on it in 10 inches of sn*w, it's a 4 letter word I won't say as I hate the stuff more and more every winter ) plus I crashed the VW 1 year later in a sn*w storm, I think that's when I started developing a hate for that cold white stuff

and here's my wife's Mustang which fail the E-check emmisions test because it was built to race, it sat and rusted away, which in turn made engine removal much easyer, the Mustang moved down the 1/4 mile in just a tad under 12 seconds.

Well that's my update. I hope to have the 69 running before Oct ends, then I can start fixing the other cars, we have 6 cars all together, now only 1 is drivable, 2 others run but need head gaskets, I hope nothing is cracked, but I can mill anything flat if need be.

Now if we could only have days that are nice and sunny, with no wind what so ever, I might just be capable of fulfilling my goal of Oct 31st, or sooner

for good weather.... and be real soon!!!
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