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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So it is warming up oh how I love heat and the Sun

I hope to get lots of my projects finished this year, or at least try to touch most of them

So I was told to put some fenders on my car, I did, but only on the rear, I just put the original fenders on it, I was given a set of tear drop tail lites with blue dots years ago for the V8 Bug, so I put them on because all the VW tail lites needed work before going on

I'm gonna find something I can use as front fenders, as well as work on my rear disc brake caliper brackets, hope to have them on real soon

Then I'll start on the front sheet metal, makes me tired just typing about it here's a few pictures of the back

Still not sure what I'm gonna do between the fenders, I have "part" of an apron I can try to rebuild, or just make something else, I'm also gonna put the 66 bumper on the back, maybe modify the front bumper seeing how it has the shape of a utility pole in it

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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