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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So it looks as if I'm gonna hafta drop the engine, split the case to see where the oil is leaking out of the rear or the engine, looks as if it is coming out the end of the crankshaft and the pulley. I have never had an engine leak in this spot.

So does anyone have one of these sand seal kits which requires no machining of the case and uses a different pulley?

If so I'd like to know the diameter of the pulley where it goes thru the seal, if I had that measurement I'll just turn the end of one of my pulleys down to that size then just buy the seal and save me a bit of $$

I almost have my rear brake caliper brackets finished, I just need to drill 4 holes, then put it all on to see where I'll hafta drill the last 2 holes where the caliper bolts on. Figured I'd do it while I'm having engine troubles.

Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho, off to work on the Bug I shall go

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