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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Seal # is National- #6815, Chicago-#19219. My prop O.D. at the seal is 1.925" . I don't have a VW pulley to measure the O.D. .

For ingnition, I am using a Slick Mag driven from the flywheel end. It retards 25 deg for starting, and the timing is set at 28 deg. Next I am going to add a CDI ingnition in the dist. hole and put 10 mm plugs in the bottom of the heads for dual ingnition.

Picture 004 is the updraft Zenith carb and the hot oil box above the carb flange and the oil cooler on the firewall . The oil filter was not installed in this picture.

Picture 0074 is the Mag between the 2 airducts to the oil cooler.

Watch it fly. Pop

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