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Default Re: SoCal'ers! BBQ.. September :)

haha Thanks Z, although it is a little curious why you had to specify that I don't seem gay to you..

Bud I told you to call me! or message or something :P Unfortunately it's gotta be the 9th because I have the 10th off of work, and then work on sunday.. normally I work thurs-sun, so having the day off is what makes it possible..

and tequilla, hahahahaha, no there won't be a bounce house, which means more than likely no titler...

and of course you are all welcome to crash for the night, but space is on a first come first served basis.. we got a couch, a guest bed, and floor space, just no gay sex in the guest bed!

I got in touch with JJ and Sheridan via text messages, but think I lost Cue's number when I lost my last phone..

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