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Default Re: SoCal'ers! BBQ.. September :)

Originally Posted by tattooed_pariah View Post

Bud I told you to call me! or message or something :P Unfortunately it's gotta be the 9th because I have the 10th off of work, and then work on sunday.. normally I work thurs-sun, so having the day off is what makes it possible..
Hey man, no worries. My first three weeks there was pretty hectic. I was gonna contact ya the second weekend I was there and try and hook up. I ended up being kidnapped and taken to Santa Monica by a couple of the, umm, employees at the facility.
I did make it out to the Pamona swap meet and scored the 67 front passenger fender, complete with headlight, for $20.

I'll be back in Ontario this Thursday, maybe we can have a couple beers one evening after I get off work.
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