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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Well after getting a late start putting the heater boxes back in my V-Rod so I would have heat this winter, I think back and how I wish I had started this back in September
Anyhow I had to put all the heater tubes from the heater boxes to the interior of the car back in, the PO took it all out and didn't plan to drive it during the cold time of year, well it's my daily driver and for once in my life I want heat in my VW

Well I had to cut holes under the seat where the tube comes into the car, there was still a small section of the original sheet metal left which had part of the hole still in it on the drivers side (why I did this side first), so I cut the rest out, hooked up as much of the original pieces as best I could, well the tubes I have that go from the heater boxes to the body weren't near long enough, so i used some gutter down spout tube, wrapped some hi-temp insulation around it and hooked it up

I hooked it up to the new heater channel on the drivers side, then remembered I forgot to install the tube that goes thru the door hinge pillar to the defroster openings, so I just plugged them up where they exit where the front of the seat is so some air can come out there rather than just release all the warm air to no place

Well with only one side hooked up it did get nice and warm inside, well it was around 40 degrees F and raining, my windows just fogged up until it got hot enough, so I imagine it should get much hotter once I get the passengers side hooked up
That will have a few problems, I will need to cut the hole between the battery and side of the car, then I will need to put a piece on so it will enter the heater channel, the PO had cut off the tube that comes out of the heater channel and goes to the front of the car, it shouldn't be to tough to stuff a section of tube into it, then connect it up how it's suppose to be

I also bought myself a few cans of blue paint, I figured out what colors I'm gonna paint my V-Rod, it's just gonna be a cheap rattle can paint job until I get all the body work finished, then I may put a decent paint job on it

I'd do a photo-shop of it if I was able, I may try it using the "paint" program on my computer of what I wanna do

It's gonna be blue up front, kind of a dark blue, then fade to black as it goes to the rear of the car, then I plan to paint the words "Black-N-Back" along the side of the car

So I finally have a name for my V-Rod, "Black-N-Back"
How did I come up with a name like that you ask, well it has something to do with the AC/DC song "Back in Black" but I'm sure you figured that out IF you know the song, if not, oh well

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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