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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So, I dropped the front end of my V-Rod back down where it was before a leaky shock forced me to put on a set of coil overs on it, well that raise the front up higher than I liked and it road a bit rougher than I liked

So I finally took it out for a drive today to see if it was any smoother, which it was, no bone jarring bumps anymore and it sits almost exactly how I want it, altho I still plan to do a body drop, or build a new pan to drop it down up front another inch, and drop the back down about 3 inches

Here are a few pictures with the before pics first



From the side after I took it for a ride, oh yeah I hit the hinge on the gate to my backyard and the bolt that stuck out a 1/2 inch from the rest slashed my right from tire, I had no spare VW wheels with good tires on them so I had to put on 1 adapter so I could put a tire on that was within a half inch of the tire that was on it (VW tire and wheel was 26 inches tall, and the 14 inch & much wider tire stands 25-1/2 inches tall

Now as soon as I get 5 more lug nuts I can put the other matching tire on the front

After dropping it back down

Next is to install a set of beam adjusters so I can drop it another inch, maybe 2 inches, then I'll raise it up to where it is now for driving, it's clears just about everything, the lowest part of the car is the frame head flange that turns down right where the beam extender bolts on which is 3 inches from the ground, the extender dropped it 2-1/2 inches, along with the 2-1/2 inch drop spindles

Taking the coil over shocks off dropped it 3-1/2 inches

Until next time

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