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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So I removed the rear fenders, added a new exhaust system, as well as added a set of coil over shocks I had laying around that were from a Yamaha Blaster, I wanna lower them to the lowest notch after I get the engine back in, this morning I started installing the new set of piston rings I've had for a few months now

It should run much better, it was starting to burn a lot of oil and I was gettin g a lot of blow by again, so I did buy a new set of rings rather than keep using used rings, this makes the 4th time I have had the heads off to replace a piston ring or two over the last year, tomorrow 3/15/2012 will be 366 days since I took it on it's first drive

No pictures of the engine, but here are a few after I put the exhaust on and removed the rear fenders, it sits up a bit high, but I 'm starting to like it, may drop the shocks now as far as they will go

Next I'll let ya's know how much better it runs, it was chugging in 2nd gear to go up a little hill I was able to go up no problem in 4th gear

Maybe I can stop pouring oil into it as well, I have oil slung around the right rear fender well where it was blowing oil out the valve cover vent

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