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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So last Tuesday I was gonna tear my engine apart to put a set of NEW piston rings in, couldn't find my jack, so I gathered all my tools needed to take the engine out, then filled up my parts cleaner so i could clean the cylinders after honing

Wednesday I have my jack, I have my tools ready, I pull the engine out, take off the # 1 & 2 head off and clean it up, take off the cylinders and pistons, remove the old rings, then clean them, put the rings back on, hone out both cylinders, clean them up, start the cylinders onto the pistons, push the head on into place

That's when it hit me, almost forgot the push-rod tubes, so I go to get the gasket set, thinking I can finally use BRAND NEW push-rod tube seals
I had used the ones on the engine 3 times already, ended up using the same push-rod seals a 4th time now

The good news is it hasn't leaked a drop since driving it Friday night

Before I put the engine back in I welded some nails to the fire wall, used some hi-temp insulation and pushed it against the fire wall then bent the nails over
I wish I would a used shorter nails and easier to bend nails as well

The insulation definitely makes it much quieter inside the car, hell I may be able to listen to the radio more often, since putting a radio in, I could only hear it when at red lights or stop signs

Then yesterday I painted the deck lid black, now it matches the rest of the back, took the picture when it was dark, the batteries went dead and the flash didn't work for the 1 picture I was able to get

Almost ready to chop the top, guess I should get the windows first, I'll cut my own front windshield

I had a thought about the stock door windows, has anybody chopped their top and kept the original windows, but just didn't roll them up all the way?
I know you would need to make new door vent windows as well as rear side quarter windows
I have seen a few cars which had used Lexan as door windows and from them going up & down they had wear marks in them almost like they had been sand blasted

I have an extra set of doors out back, I just might hafta go out and play with them sometime to see what all would need in order to make it work
"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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