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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So today I modified an oil filter adapter which came off my 1988 S 10 Blazer (4.3 V6) so I can hook up my full flow oil filter, after the filter adapter I bought turned out to be shit, fixable, but still shitty that I hafta fix something that is supposed to be a bolt on part, (that's why so many people have trouble blowing their oil filter seal out on one side, the hole isn't tapped square to filter sealing surface, at least I read a lot of posts about this problem, most say it's the oil filter, if I was a betting man I'd almost put money on the filter adapter is out of square, my adapter was in a "Scat" labeled package)

I put a few pictures of the filter adapter and the freshly tapped holes, 2 plugs on my intro/ build thread (need to put that link in my signature)

Tomorrow I hope to get it mounted right behind the crank pulley, gonna try to make a filter adapter and have part of the deck lid latch on it as well, it will look crude until I can get a good one made, I just want it on a filtering my oil again even if I have no deck lid latch, that's not as important as filtered oil

I have no idea how many miles are on this engine, but the short block is good, even checked the end play, good at 0.005", I have had the cylinders and heads off 4 times now, I hope it's the last time I pull this engine apart for a long time so I can spend more time the hell out of it, as well as making my own personal custom parts for it

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