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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So I cut & bent a few pieces of steel to make a temporary oil filter bracket, as mentioned in previous post nothing fancy, still need to weld in a gusset or two as well

I plan to cast an aluminum bracket and replacing the crudely made temporary bracket I made this afternoon, but it's hooked up and filtering, no leaks either

"The following paragraph went a bit off Topic"
I also ended up with a bunch of keys, they went to some kind of sealed boxes (24" by 24" by 8" deep), well the boxes were used as drawers on 2 heavy duty work benches my friend is building, each work bench is 5 feet wide by 10 feet long, the top surface is 1/2" thick steel plate, 6" channel welded all around the edges with several electrical boxes spaced evenly in the channel all the way around, the channel has nicely cut out openings for each electrical outlet box, then 3" diameter 1/4" wall pipe used as legs with 1-1/4" screws to level them and get both benches at the same height
I'll get a couple pictures of them when they are both finished

I got to keep all the hardware that went to these boxes (now being used as drawers, hardware was mostly 8mm screws, studs, nuts, and these roller skate keys), the keys were just right for tapping a 6mm thread or a 1/4" thread, I used 2 of them to screw on my windshield wiper arms (may use some as valve cover screws )

The little C-clamp was just used until I got all the nuts & bolts tight, there will be a weld holding the 2 pieces together

The wiper "keys" are to lock the wiper arms on (a sudden rise in windshield wiper arm thefts round these parts), but I will need to shorten them so I can get my hood all the way open, putting gas in I hafta remove them

The day I was driving home with all these keys, an old song I haven't heard in 40 years came on the radio, "Melanie" (Melanie Safka) singing "Brand New Key"
I always liked that song, I was about 5 years old when it was played on the radio all the time

Next week,
I'm gonna start sanding the car a little, go buy some different shades of blue paint as well as some black paint, all flat if I can find it, if not I'll just use some fine grit sand paper and see if that takes the shine out of it (or DE-buff it )

My plans are to paint the front blue and the back black, then in the middle between the front and back I'm gonna try my best at fading it from blue to black

Then paint the car's name someplace (undecided as to where & what type of lettering I want) but it will say - " Black-N-Back"

Sounds good to me

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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