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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by d3ghia View Post
Just a thought I had.......

Being an AC/DC fan, I really like the play on words and the title Black-N-Back......

Some, however, may not catch the reference, ......

They may think that it is a reference to Rosa Parks or a proposed seating arrangement for anyone wanting a ride in your VR.......

Just wanting to be helpful


Glad you brought that to my attention

Then again I plan on removing the back seat, so there will be no back seat in my V-Rod

Maybe I'll re-arrange the colors from Black up front to Blue in back

Then call it "The Blue's n Back" or "The Blues R Back" maybe it shall remain nameless, except for "The V-Rod" rather than the "VW"

Here are a few picture of it from the rear after I painted the deck lid to match the rest, looks much better with the exhaust I put on, I need to get a better set of tail lights, drop the rear down another 2 or 3 inches, then widen my rear wheels to 10 inches, get some tires to fit

Thinking about chopping the top a few inches as well as putting suicide doors on using the original door hinges, I have an extra set of doors and hinges so it shouldn't be to tough to do, get the hinges mounted onto the doors, mounting the doors will most likely be the toughest part since I'll be driving it

Guess I should get a new front windshield first, then cut it, then chop the top to fit, the rest of the glass can wait

Other than all that I still need to find a way to mount the rear bumper I had on it

More to come soon, gonna try to get the top chopped and doors turned around before July gets here, car show at the end of July and I want the changes finished by then

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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