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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Thank ya's

Hmmm, "Da Bruiser" or "Blue n Black" or Black N Blue" I may hafta change the spelling, guess I'll hafta rearrange the letters or add and/or remove some letters until I come up with something that fits me (and yes I have bruises all over my legs and arms from tripping & falling, so it does fit)

As far as tail lights go, not sure yet, thinking maybe something from an old Ford, just a matter of saving money to buy something I like
The tail lights on it now are from a tractor trailer, the rubber gromets that hold the lights in the housings are from some old speakers I got from a car I bought years ago (I keep almost everything)

I think the once chrome housings were also from the speakers, but I had a bunch of the tail lights and they fit perfectly, I used them on my Rail Buggy, hell I may just use them after I paint the housings, the lights are cheap and easy to get

The rear wheels I may be widening today, I'm most likely gonna go with 8 inch wide wheels, but only because wider tires are more expensive, and the rear tires on it now are studded snow tires (I'll pull the studs out soon), they originally went onto 8 inch wide wheels, so I'm gonna go roll up a couple of tubes 4 inches wide then weld them between my wheels which I cut into 2 pieces

Pictures to follow IF I get them tac welded together today

Thanks again, it will be sporting a lower roof line as soon as I get a new windshield to cut, or maybe a piece of Lexan until I can cut a new windshield

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