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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Today I finished the other seat, & they are so much better to sit on, I was thinking what is the best comparison to sitting in old VW seats with worn out springs, padding that was hidden under the seat covers, the only thing I can compare them to is a toilet seat

Now imagine sitting on a toilet seat & drive 400 miles

I'll hafta take an hour drive just to see if it makes a difference

Today after I finished the seats I decided to put some black primer on the front to somewhat fade from blue to black, it didn't turn out that good, but it kinda gives me an idea on how I'm gonna do it later, altho I think I'll use sand paper & a few coats of paint, then sand some more until I like it

Here's a couple pictures of the hood, it turned out better than the sides

Yes I painted over the dirt, I didn't wanna wait for it to dry so I could paint, plus it'll come off a bit easier

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