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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So 4 weeks from yesterday is the annual Rolling on the River car show is here

I was hoping to have made many changes since last year, but most of my time was spent keeping it alive & running/working so I have a DD, yes I broke down & spent some $$ rather than putting used parts in (ran out of usable 85.5mm piston rings, except the 1 I had to replace the new broken ring)

It seems as if it's running purty good, so what noticeable changes can I do in 3 weeks & 6 days?

Well it looks like I'm gonna widen 2 VW wheels to 8 inches, I rolled a piece of 12 ga by 8 inches wide into a 13-1/4 inch diameter I just need to cut it in half, then cut 2 wheels & put the 4 inch pieces in & weld them together, take the rear tires off the stock 4 inch wide wheels & put them on 8 inch wide wheels like they are suppose to be on

Doesn't look like much is gonna stand out except the rear wheels, maybe the seats and I removed the rear fenders

OH yeah, I almost forgot, I put a rear buggy bumper on that matches the one up front except it's a few inches wider than the front one, I just whipped up a couple simple & cheesy brackets out of some 3/4 inch wide banding material then mounted it around the header pipes until I can make something nicer that doesn't mount to the header pipes

Should be much easier now that it's right where I want it, I just need something that looks better, if I don't get them finished by show time, I'll just pull it off until after the show

Yes they look that bad, I'm ashamed to even post a picture

Oh yeah, I need to come up with a better name as well, my wife suggested the Blue on Black, but after hearing the Kenny Wayne Shepard song I decided to come up with something unrelated to music


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