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Default Re: Effigy's history

I haven't fired up the VR in a couple of weeks.. Right now I know my fuel pressure is a little too high (in-line gauge says about 4psi, should be 3.5..), and my carbs are running too rich, which is what I'm guessing is causing my mileage to be about 12-15mpg..

I've also got a problem now where it runs strong in all ranges in every gear, EXCEPT 2nd gear. In second, once I get to about 4200-4500RPMS it stutters like I'm only running on a couple of cylinders instead of all four.. My only speculation about this is maybe the rev limiter pill fell out of my 6AL box and it defaults to 4500? but it doesn't stutter in other gears so I don't know.. I keep forgetting to check to see if the pill is still there or not..

Anyway, I threw a bunch of money at, so I'm waiting on an order with two IDF rebuild kits, 50 exhaust gaskets, 50 intake gaskets, and something else that I forget right now..

I haven't found a vw shop really close to my house yet, so I figured I'd just stock up on shit that I will use eventually :P

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