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Dog breeding in its earliest stages was carried out systematically, with the desire for specialization. The selection for performance, complemented by the breeding for suitable body forms, leads to the formation of breeds. The task of the fighting dog demanded specific basic anatomical traits and temperamental features. Unfortunately, Pit Bulls are one of the most common breeds to be used as a fighter or attack dog ... they are common and generally inexspensive compared to a full blood german shepherd or doberman pincher.

One of the most unbelievable fucktard things that is done is 'inbreeding'. this is HIGHLY common in the 'american' pit bull (breed)... they are inbred generation after generation until the pups are half insane and generally deformed. The 'rejects' are killed and the 'deformed' dogs that show larger builds, bigger bites and higher degrees of agressiveness are kept and used towards the next generation.

This has essentially ruined this breed and it's reputaion in the eyes of the general public, as well as flagrant disregard for HUMAN safety by (VERY FEW) pitbull owners who use thier animal as a weapon, often maiming or killing someone in the process. Personally I think the damn things are awesome animals, HIGHLY intelligent and pretty damn good home security. (they just have that LOOK, ya know?)

Unfortunately not enough people have any freakin idea how to raise, control, train, discipline or care for thier dogs...

The ones that are left outside , day in, day out, year round, on a 10' chain, with no shade, and the 'I forgot to feed/water her today... again'... the only social contact being when somoene HAS to go in the backyard to get something or take out the trash... ( I had a good friend I had to turn in to the authorities for this very thing.. the last straw was one day I came over to his house and the dog's ribs were showing and she was tangled up in her own chain, down to about 3', laying in her own waste, and the guy wouldn't help or feed it ... that "ugly" brown mutt shown in my previous posts is that dog)

Or the dipshits who let thier 14 year old daughter take BOTH of thier 175LB whatevers out for a walk by herself... at the same time...

Or the assinine old ladies who think it's cruel to tell thier god damned 3 lb. chihuahua to shut THE FUCK UP at 2 in the morning when it is just barking and barking and barking at nothing at fuckin all...

The world is full of idiots, and unfortunately enough of em have managed to really fuck it up for pit bull lovers :(
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