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Talking Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Have of you looked back at your life and wondered what would have happened if you took out one event from your life and changed the outcome? And how far do you start altering dominoes until your entire life is changed completely, or you end up a ditch dead because you forgot to tighten one lug nut on your left rear tyre. Seriously when I get bored, I think of Stupid crap, or I design crap.

I think I got the mad scientist gene in me. I was wondering if i got a alpha numerical Nixie tube running to a Adrunio and put little switches in the shifter, so when ever you shift it registers where it is, and have it default to neutral, and then conver the regular 12v DC output of the cars electrical stepping it down to a 9 volt? Would I be able to get a Nixie tube steampunky style Gear indicator? Possibly? But how long would the nixie tube last in a vw bouncing down the roa....

See I'll just leave that right there as it stands Granted I know i'm a weird kid. I made no damn attempts to hide it. Oddly enough more people respected me walking down the school halls wearing a Top hat and my military overcoat then they ever did before So yeah I understand exactly what Dean said

Should I be worried?
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