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Originally Posted by PJLOval
Although mentioned already, my all time favorite is American Grafitti. I have Paul LaMatte's autograph I on a photo of the 32' I got at a car show. I liked his character as an all around good guy in the movie. This was the first movie I saw as a kid without being accompanied by my parents.

Two Lane Blacktop is cool for hot rods and the 55' that James Taylor drove in it was painted and used as "Bob Falfa's" car in American Grafitti.

Now to keep the connection going, THX1138 was a weird movie but had those really cool cars near the end and George Lukas used the Movie Title for the liscense plate for the 32 in American Grafitti.

They are both great movies. I just hate AG because before the movie you could buy really nice old cars for nothing. After the movie you couldn't buy a chicken coop for all the money in the world. The same thing happened to Pick-ups after Urban Cowboy.
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