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Default A Salty Build

*Realized I started this build thread in the Intro section, sorry, well, I'm a dumbass.

Finally started work on this project for my wife. Working on replacing some damaged body in the rear and figuring out ride height and suspension. Hoping someone can help answer a few questions on the parts I have and figured this was the place to ask.

The car already had this front beam extension on it when I bought it, I haven't been able to find info on it and am wondering how I can tell if it has a drop to it, or is lowering the front end from stock:

I also got these drop plates and transmission raise with the car, I see many of the transmission raise kits have mid-mount weld in piece, something I didn't get with the car, the luggage compartment has already been cut out by the PO in prep for the trans raise. Am I going to need to fabricate the mid-mount?

I expect to get some shit here for doing all this cutting and welding to the body and not even chopping the top, wife is firmly against chopping the top, but wants the car "slammed, stretched, and fast" so I'm still on board.

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