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Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
On a slightly different and more sticking-to-the-SteamPunk-topic note, since SP is more than just hanging copper and gears on stuff, does anyone need a collection of gears and several rolls of Scotch tape?
I don't have but one thing of scotch tape, but I could use more

I do however have a bunch of gears, almost enough to make a full set of change gears for an old lathe, I took them before they went to the scrap yard, my friend said if I wanted them to take them before they got scraped, so I took them
that's how I ended up with so much stuff, a lot of it was a package deal, Hey Ron, you want that 4 jaw chuck? Sure I'd say, well you hafta take everything in that big metal box with it

Hanging out at a scrapyard has it's perks, but it also has it's down falls, I'm paying for it now, I had much more energy & strebgth when I got it all, now it takes me months to fill my trailer, I haven't been able to take it to the scrap yard because my Evill VolksRod still doesn't have reverse in it

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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