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Yeah. Life is better now. It was hilarious I put in a two week notice they called me the next day telling me to not bother showing up the next day. Sign the paperwork you're done! Basically they thought literally nothing of me so me getting this job really showed them up. Good news my weld test impressed two master welders. So I'm going to be learning from some awesome people. we're making massive industrial tables for laser grid assembles. They're made here then sent to Germany for powder coating and then their final home is China.

I always wanted to make a whizzer style bike. Issue is an old one costs 2k plus and a new replica costs the same about. So I figured I'd go the farm kid route and build my own. That front fork is a 1977 moped fork. I have a 1969 bicycle internal 3 speed hub that is going to be used as a transmission in the build. I've been putting a lot of thought into it.
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