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Default Volksrod/buggy pedal powered?!

Time has flown, ten years ago nearly I saved this old J & S buggy
from the clutches of a brutish Banyan tree that was going to gobble
up the old thing. The pan was gone to rust heaven, managed to save
a few parts from the motor, what’s left of front end and transaxle
are still at the whims of nature in the bush.

As found…..

As she sat under a tarp for nearly ten years……..

Been thinking and talking about doing this for an age, finally got the
time, no work, so getting into it, she is going to be a worm burner,
down with the snakes, as in low!

Will be two person pedal powered with a central VW steering wheel
so both occupants can share the driving. Will have brakes but only on
the rear wheels of which there will be four, two driving, two coasting.

Been hoarding (collecting) bits for her for a while, some old school
head lights found in a junk shop, front bar scored at the local dump.
Made up the windscreen from an old windy frame, can fold down
safari style.

Probably obvious, she's a bit heavy so have made her so the buggy
body can come off and she can go as just the frame. Really want to
keep the VW flavour, steering wheel, badges, chasing up some ratty
hub caps, more on this later…..

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