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Default Re: How is everyone doing ?

Originally Posted by SCOTTRODS View Post
I'm good. But I am starting to believe the people who are considered "essential" should be paid Hazardous duty pay for now.
Liking the Hazard pay idea! but we wont get it..
Hey all, damn I Havent been on in sometime..nice to see a few familiar names.. Now living in Sacramento Daughters still working, though she was just told she has to let go of half her staff, Wifes still working but she's manager of the juvenile courts so.. I'm busy as hell testing cylinders, I've re qualified a little over 600 oxygen cylinders just this month so far and got hit with another 76 200's and 81 medical E's. Last couple of batches were more than 5 years out of date on average. Everyone's pulling all their stuff from storage to meet the demands. So busy scanning everyone elses stuff I cant keep up with our own..
The unofficial story we got was yes eventually everyone will catch covid but the lock down/ stay at home orders will keep from overwhelming the hospitals, none are equipped to handle everyone getting sick at the same time . Hope your all surviving!
Nothing special here. Im sure I'll come up with something witty later..
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