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This is the path i want to go with my volksrod. Does anyone have any info on this rod? A build thread maybe? If not how much of a chop and section do you think was done? and what style of chop?

This is the car im wanting to get

Craigslist ad

63 Volkswagen (VW) bug that is in the beginning stages of a rat-rod style project car up for sale. Bug has bagged front and rear with a $2500 custom-installed air ride system. Front end extended 10 inches. Had the drums machined to fit the 5-lug Ford rims you see in the pictures, and rear rims have brand new tires that have never been driven on. Has original pop-out windows in the rear. Has a custom made safari windshield. Has a bit of pinstriping and some custom paint here and there. Steering wheel was custom made and is brand new. Purposely left the steering wheel as bare metal to add to the rat rod look. Has '40 Packard headlights with HID's. Has brand new 2" drop spindles on front. All the brake lines are new and has a brand new dual-reservoir master cylinder. Brake pads and cylinders are brand new all the way around.

Car has no motor. The steering linkage is not hooked up---you need to complete tie rods and steering. Interior isn't finished either. Does have some stock door panels, though. You will definitely need a tow truck or trailer to move it because, like I said, this is still a project in the beginning stages and needs to be finished. No stereo equipment included either. Otherwise, this car is pretty sick and the person who buys this and finishes it will have an awesome car once it is done.

How much would you guys pay for this?

And he is willing to sell me these wheels in the next pic these are 18" ford wheels but he says they wont bolt up. How hard is it going to be to be able to bolt these up? I do plan on running a ford beam up front so not sure how hard it would be to make fit both vw rear and ford beam up front. Any help i would greatly appreciate it.
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