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Default Re: Volksrodder Meals - real recipes for cutters, welders, and drivers

I wanted to share my weekend energy provider, LOL! After getting up and having a couple cups of coffee and working for a bit around the house, it is time to make a brunch that will last you until late afternoon or early evening.

I call this "Road Kill"

First start off by browning a couple hash browns (normally only two per person, but I was really hungry the last time I made this, so I made three.

This is your first layer (what I didn't show is putting Chipotle Tabasco Sauce and some sweet onion bbq sauce on these):

While these are still cooking in your big pan (almost done) throw in two pieces of sausage patties per hash brown. When done, put these on top of the hash browns.

Second Layer:

Trust me, the sweet onion bbq sauce really sets the flavor right on this. Not too much, just "write" a big zero on the hash brown.

Now crack some eggs in the pan - the best way to cook them is over medium, but you can scramble them too if you want. While those are cooking, put some grated cheese on top of the sausage.

Layer Three:

Once the eggs are cooked to the way you like, place them on top of everything.

Normally, two hash browns, four pieces of sausage and two eggs is enough for one person. Half that for a small person (one of your kids maybe) and add more if you are really hungry!

Layer Four (and five - some Picante sauce or Salsa):

You aren't done yet. Almost though. Now is the best part. Take a sharp knife and fork and cut it all up and mix it all up. If your eggs are over medium or over easy, the hash browns soak up all the yolk and make the whole thing really tasty!

This is why I call it Road Kill:

Hope you guys enjoy it. I think it is only 400 calories for those of you watching your weight. Totally healthy, low in cholesterol.


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