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Default Re: Volksrodder Meals - real recipes for cutters, welders, and drivers

Okay.. after making this for my Fiancee and realizing how easy it is... it was cheap.. and most of the parts will last for multiple meals. Hell you might even have the seasonings already.

Here's my Stuffed Pizza/Pizza toast/ Pizza recipe (seriously doesn't take much. )

main thing is the sauce... What you'll need.

little Can of Tomato paste! Anything will work.. I've found that the ones with garlic oregano and basil are actually cheaper then the ones without.. Go figure? Or you can get plain cheap stuff for like 20 cents cheaper.

little can of tomato sauce, Same as before.. I suggest trying to keep the same brands if possible.. or not.. I don't think it matters Go for whats cheapest.

Dried or fresh (dried is cheaper)Minced garlic (Little seasoning plastic thing.. Cheap.)

Italian seasoning (You may have the big massive container or the little tiny cheap container like the minced garlic.. You know..seasonings last a life time.)

Sugar! (Yes you actually put sugar in the sauce.. It helps make a massive difference )

Olive oil,( Gl-4 or better ) I got extra virgin. Helps.

Okay step one!

Open up the tomato paste and dump int something.. Salsa bowl, Chip bowl, tubberware dish, a boot. doesn't matter really. Take the sauce crack open the can and dump that in. Stir it all together. then taste a bit of it. This is your base line. Should have a fresh taste thats a bit... bland. This recipe goes by taste and smell. No real measurements.. Don't really need those.

Add a splash of garlic, and italian seasoning. Stir up take a spoon full Should have a nice kick there, but its a bit off... a bit bitter, and its a bit thick.. Yeah

Add a bit of olive oil to it.. and stir it up it should be a smooth consistency so you can spread it nicely! Taste it.. the oil will be a bit overbearing at this point so just add about, around, maybe less then a tea spoon of sugar (you don't need much) then mix it all together taste it.. You may need to add in more garlic or italian seasonings. You want the sauce balanced. If your first reaction is Hmm! that's good.. KEEP IT!. Don't fuck with it.. it's good!

Now for the main thing. What ever you want on a pizza! Yupe go the store and get what cheese you want. I like Pizzeria cheese and Italian cheese blend for both.. Asisago and parmesan give it a nice kick! Toppings what ever you like.. You know its YOUR pizza make it how YOU want it.

For this recipe I put on chopped up regular bacon which I got the cheapest bacon they had.. thin slice stuff from our local market 2.25! I just dumped it in a pan turned up the heat and waited for it to sizzle then i spun it around the edges of the pan. I wanted it to be crisp, but still meaty. Some people think you can either have only floppy bacon, or crunchy bacon where the floppy is almost raw where the crunchy is nearly burnt.. You can get a perfect medium if you keep it moving and spinning it. When it starts to get the natural black bits on it from being cooked in fat.. Honestly we all know freaking bacon You can cook it by sight and smell. Once it looks good dump it out. (and smells amazing! ) Chop it up real nice and put it aside.

Bread! Anything will work. Toast, Bagels, For this recipe we had left over french bread that you bake in the oven.. So I split it in half then I put the sauce on it. Spread it about. I split the bread and put sauce on BOTH sides be generous.. think about what urks you with normal pizza then Solve that problem.

Layer on as much cheese as you want.. for me that's as much cheese as I can physically fit on it without it falling off Then layer on the toppings. Okay for the toppings with the split bread.. I'd say after doing mine with both sides.. stick it on one side so when you flip over the top part topping's aren't exploding out. I for being fancy (and having more then enough sauce for more. Yes you get extra sauce. NO don't drink it.. its good and tempting but don't..... yes you can lick the spoon) using the edge of the spoon dizzle a straight line down the top of the bread and give it a cheese mohawk.. This actually helps in determining if it's cooked or not! Fancy and HELPFUL!

Put the bread on a pan! (toast bagels, tortillas? ) onto a pan... now heres were you gotta trust you gut. What ever you think is right.. the bread we used said cook at 425 for bla bla.. so we stuck it at 375 and used our sense of smell and just going Is it done Check the cheese mohawk and the bread. Oh its not golden yet.. Guess we gotta wait another minute When it looks good pull it out and put it on a plate.. Then take a bite.. You should by now have a sandwich that makes subway or quizno's look like utter garbage.

ALSO WARNING! this stuff is FILLING. We cooked two foot long slices of bread with all our ingredients (Fiancee bacon, me bacon and chopped up pepperoni from a sausage.. it was actually cheaper that way ) I split mine in half, she had about 8 inches of bread so she declared she could eat it... We got full quick. I ate one of mine and had to call it quits. it was so freaking rich and delicious. My fiancee was just staring it crying that she couldn't eat more feeling guilty after getting half way through it. She cut off a bit for her mom and she ran around the house making HMM noises. Yeah also if your preparing this for another person taunt them... I mean get their feed back by giving them a sample of what ever stage your at. Like the sauce.. get their opinion on the sauce.

heres my long rambling for a stupid recipe.. The most golden part here is the simple sauce.. that honestly I could see you maybe making a pasta sauce out of it too. And the sauce will stay for a bit of time. If you're not dipping bread sticks in it! My fiancee loves my cooking.. so if I hatch any more idea's i'll toss them your guy's way.
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