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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Wow! The wheels and brakes really add to the modern/vintage look. Just...fantastic!
Thank you V8Tranny. The front brakes were the inspiration for the entire overhaul as they resemble old Brit TLS drum brakes with vent scoops....the rest followed on from that original thought. Swapmeet parts such as the old alloy guards added to the old skool look, tank swap was a synch and the other, largely cosmetic, work came out how I imagined, so well chuffed. It did morph, like some projects, as parts and ideas ran through my head......built in a budget as I had planned.

Originally Posted by alykat View Post
That scoot looks flat out BEASTLY !!
Haha, thank is a bit beastly Kitty, as an '80s Honda sport bike it does go nicely, if a little squirrelly on the new Mefo tyres The narrower tank shows off a bit more of the engine which I like.

Here's the build thread if you're interested? :

Shame it's a UK winter now and I'll not take it out too much this side of Spring

I want a good photo shoot of both of my toys as they compliment each other.

A mate is a semi pro snapper and we're looking for a suitable location.

Cheers guys.
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