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Default Re: An Intro of sorts

Almost ready. The snow is pretty much gone, though expecting a few inches tonight. GRRRR. Hooked it up to my son's Eagle and pulled it onto the driveway and out of the mud. Nothing like a 4x4 car when you need one, couldn't have pulled it off with my truck cuz of lack of turnaround space, but that ol' AMC did the trick. Now just wait for the drive to dry a little more and some cooperative weather, then the work begins. Kinda disappointed, found out the "street rod" exemption is for pre'49 cars. Grrr. I'm going to try for an waiver, dunno if it will do any good but I have to try. If not, I'm still gonna rod it, just will have to think up something for fenderrettes.
Wish me luck.
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