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Default Re: An Intro of sorts

Well, didn't get a lot done this weekend, too much "other shit" to do, as my wife says. I worked in the yard most of it, but I did get to work on it a little. Stripped the bumpers off, steering wheel is now off, but I need to get a bigger socket to get the adapter off so I can replace the directional switch. Removed the knobs off the dash and generally sucked up all the crap. I'm not looking forward to removing the headliner so I'm procrastinating, maybe I'll get to it tonight or tomorrow. Maybe. I started the bumper/brush guard for the boy's Eagle, gonna look pretty badass i think. All the parts are cut out, have to weld it up in the next day or so. A bunkbed sacrificed itself for the project.

So i was doing some googling and found exactly what I was looking for, i just didn't know it at the time.

THIS is what I'm going to do, except lowered instead of lifted. I really didn't want a typical baja look and if I found a kit, i was going to modify it, but if I go this route, I won't even need the kit. So I had posted my parts here and on the Samba without much luck, I really didn't expect much anyway but I had to try. Looks like my "spare" parts list is going to shrink. I guess I'll sell the new fenders and running boards on Samba and use the rest for my project. Maybe I'll get enough to buy a decent exhaust system. I've got an idea for the seatcovers finally, but I'll wait a bit before revealing that, have to think it through a little more first.
Ok, work is almost over. The wife just called and is out there wetsanding the Mustang, so maybe I'll get to work on a car tonight too!! YAY.
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