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Default Re: An Intro of sorts

Quick update. No work done but my exhaust solution is here!! I will post a pic later...but I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! It is an AWESOME header and stinger done in all frigging chrome. Got it from jmpowie in trade for my old rear fenders. He's a cool guy even if I wasn't home to meet him. I told him to just grab the fenders and I'd get the header from him in a week or so when I has some $$$, and instead, he left the header for and sent me an email telling me we are even. Wicked nice. He's an A+ guy. I have to get over to his place and check out the SuperRod. Anyway, THANKS JOHN!! And I hope to do some work on it this weekend. Son is graduating in a few weeks and still have a ton to do with the yard but we will see!
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