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Default Re: An Intro of sorts

Well, it's been a while since I've gotten any real time on it and finally, this weekend I did. The hole in the floor got patched. One of my neighbors is a collision repair shop (I refrain from using the term Body Shop since they only do collision repair) who are a great bunch of guys and let me pick through their discarded stuff. They replace tires on just about everything they work on so I get to paw through the tires, saves me a bunch for the Mustang since I go through back tires on that pretty fast Anyway, back on topic, this was the best use of a Civic hood I could come up with....patch my floor:)

While I was inside and before it got too hot, I stripped off the tar boards off the tunnel and started prepping the dash for filling and fixing.

Also unseen, I pulled the gas tank and almost all the wiring from the car except the main harness from the battery to the dash and the motor since I replaced that last year. I plan on rewiring the rest of the car clean with a pushbutton starter and some cool switches for accessories. I am going to use a modern fuse panel, I'm so fucking sick of electrical gremlins from 40 year old wiring!

I pulled the front fenders off and discovered why the bumpers never lined up right...this think has been tweaked.

Here it is after I ground down some of that old bondo. I thought it was just a sloppy job and dripped down but it wasn't. the top surface of the fenderwell is all bondo and brass.

This helps me decide if I'm going to cut the front or not. I wasn't going to, but looking at the hack job that was done on it, I might as well go all the way and cut the front and run fenderless in the front. I checked it out with the backs (fronts??) on it and no fronts...and I like the look. I think I'll do something to make the front to rear transition a bit smoother.

And I have no idea what this is, but I dug it up out of the yard and I like it. I'm gonna clean it up and use it as a front bumper.

I have a lot of grinding/sanding to do inside and I need to pull the windows next. I'll try to get to it this week if the weather holds. Doesn't look promising today but I have faith. Damnit.
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