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Default V8 Irish Volksrod

Well, I've been reading this forum for a few years now but finally have a reasonable excuse to start posting as I've just started my long awaited Volksrod Project! My name is John and I hail from the little but well know island of Ireland...please no Paddy Jokes!!!

Anyway, I've been building Kit-cars and Hot Rods for a number of years and have built a few Kitcars based on the Beetle chassis but I've always had the urge to built a Volksrod, but not just any has to have a V8! For some strange reason I've become a "V8-aholic" lately and everything I touch gets the V8 treatment!

As well as being a massive VW fan the Volksrod made perfect sense and seeing as I had some spare time as other projects were on hold I thought I would get a good start at it over the Xmas season.

My plan is to chop, channell and shorten the Beetle body which will mount onto a homemade chassis with Independent Suspension all round. I want to mount the V8 up front and use a Ford Model 'B' grille and bonnet instead of the Beetle bonnet.

Here's what I've being doing over the last few days:

1 unused and forgotten Beetle

We Irish aren't the best when it comes to safety!
Honestly we had to work quick as the bar holding the rear up was slowly bending!

No need to even take the car off the trailer!

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