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Default Re: V8 Irish Volksrod

Hope everyone had a good Christmas yesterday!

Anyway, made some progress on the chassis today and in particular the repositioning of the rear axle mounts. Unfortunately during the day I ran to take a leak and my camera fell straight out of my pocket and into the toilet! Pity it didn't happen a couple of days ago as I could of asked for one for Christmas! So, now I'll have to go buy another one to get more pics of the build!

Also got my gearbox or tranny as you say on your side of the pond mounted to the engine and its looking like i'm gonna have a reasonably small tunnell inside the car...happy days!

Seeing as I have no new pictures to post of the build I thought I'd show you guys some of my other VW's I built.

First is my Nova Kit-car based on a '69 Beetle chassis.

The second is my Karma Dino based on a '72 Beetle Chassis

The third is my T25 Bus...which is getting the Audi V8 treatment soon!
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