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Default Re: V8 Irish Volksrod

With two of the three rear axle points sorted, the third point, the Diff mounting point will have to wait a while as I ran out of 100x50 box section!
So, I moved onto the front Crossmember and installed the fixing points for the lower 'A' Arm.

Drilled out a 26mm hole completely through the Crossmember on both sides.

26mm Solid Bar cut into 4 lengths, 2 long and 2 short. The longer ones will support the lower 'A' Arm while the shorter 2 will support the upper 'A' Arms.

Tapered the ends slightly to take away the sharp finish

Drilled out the centre to 11.5mm bit with a depth of around 45mm

1/2 inch Imperial Tap

Finshed bars installed into Crossmember

Crossmember installed into position in JIG and tack welded.

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