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Default Frisian Volksrod (the 5 window coupe)

Well, after years of lurking and posting some smart a$$ remarks I thought it was about time to post a build. And seeing as I am building a Volksrod at this moment I guess it's the right kind of car to show.

Anyway, as soon as I saw the first picture of a volksrod I wanted to build one but with the strict rules and regulations over here in the Netherlands I always thought I could only make it to be a trailer queen. Until Radiotrib kind of wrote in his thread the 'magic' words that if you keep the floor standard you can change the top to make it look like you've got a beam extender without having to go trough difficult test and stuff at the RDW (Royal Services Roadtraffic or something like that). As soon as I read that I thought it would be a lot less difficult to get a Volksrod road legal around here. So, within weeks I bought an old bug and started emailing with the RDW.

This is what I bought. It's a standard 1970 1300 with a rusted floor. As soon as I got it home I started to clean it out and quickly there after I cut of the roof.

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