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Default Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Ok, so let's continue (had to go to the pub yesterday before I could finish this). As you can see in the second picture I didn't brace anything because I wanted to do a combination of a capella and leatherman chop. The idea was to leave the roof completely intact and move al the other panels to fit the roof. Sadly the roof was not in as good of a shape as I had hoped. The sunroof was stuck and when I started to try and pry it loose I ripped it half way out of the roof. It was like one of those old pre-perforated stamps. So I took the angle grinder and cut out the entire sunroof. I was not happy with that because the plan was not to do any welding to the roof and now I had a big hole in there....

Here's a picture with the roof on. Just like radiotrip I'm going to cut the part in front of the rear wheels to make it shorter. This would make the front window pillars match perfectly and the engine bonnet would be a little lower. But.... that was not going to happen with this roof. I had to find a ragtop or donor roof but I couldn't find anything within my tight budget. I had asked the RDW if I was allowed to change to roof line so I could make it a coupe or station wagon and they said it was ok. So at this point I decided to just ignore the roof and turn my idea around. So instead of starting with the roof and work my way down I was going to start with the floor and work my way up. At this moment I am thinking of a coupe (like the hebmuller hard top) or a fake carson top. But we'll see. Anyway, Time for some more cutting.

Some cuts may look weird but I've got a plan. I want to do as much cutting as possible but with as little as flat sheet metal welding.....

I already had 2 buckets full of crud and rust and after cutting I had another bucket full on the floor..... Lot's of rust.

One bug in pieces....

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