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Default Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Cleaning the floor.

After cleaning everything to bare metal I placed the floor on a table and started to build everything up again.

I decided I wanted to move everything back 20 cm (which would make it look like a beam extender of around 8 inches) Also started with making my own heather channels (don't know how else to call them, but there isn't going to be running any heat through them) RDW said it was ok to do that. I'll explain the idea behind that later.

Bought some new floor pans and welded them in.

Cut out the original back part that wasn't completely rusted and welded some pieces of metal to it, which made the back part boxed up.

Finished the heater channels. Because I'm moving the front 20 cm back the conners where the door hinges go are 20 cm back too. If I had used original heather channels and wanted to make it one straight line they would get very thin. This way I am getting the same thickness al the way to the front. Oh and the cheap heather channels where out of stock and I didn't want to buy the expensive A quality one's and cut them up....

After welding the footwell plate to the heather channels it was time to put everything back together again. First test fit of the nose.....

Cutting out al the parts I needed. Looks like my bug exploded.

20 cm back and 7 cm lower. Started welding the door pillars to the heather channels. At this time my roll-up tape measure was almost part of me.

Next I tacked the doors in to place to make sure everything lined up. Also playing with an idea for the door line..... This thing is screaming pick-up to me at this moment but that would give me problems with the RDW rules. But 'fun bucket' would be a cool idea.....

Next up, building the nose and welding in the door hinges to make everything stable.

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