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Default Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

So.... before I could weld in the new doorposts I had to make the front stable. I wanted the wheel wells to look a bit different (kind of like the hebrod) so I decided to use iron rod on the ridges. First I took 8mm rod and belly bended it to form the tip of the bonnet. (finally found what the combination of sit-ups and beer drinking is useful for) Then I cut out the old wheel well which was a very very very stupid thing to do. I did it because I needed to see how I could make everything fit but in doing so the entire panel became extremely floppy.

Luckily I had already bend the 12mm thick iron rod into the right shape so after welding the rod to the panel it al lined up pretty close. Still needs a bit of pulling and pushing but it'll work. Then I remembered the steering box had to go somewhere. DOH. It does fit but it looks really awkward. So the next e-mail to the RDW was if I could use a rack and pinion. Still waiting on the answer.....

Then I welded the iron rod to the panel on the other side. This time I was smart enough to first spot weld it to the panel and then cut out the wheel well. Really not much left of the original front at this moment.

Next up was the bonnet. I tried the original shorter one but it was showing to much of the front beam. Luckily I had a longer one lying around with the tip of the nose cut of. I had used it for fitment purposes on the white one (the one in the background on some of the picts) but I didn't think it was good enough for permanent placement. But it's good enough for the volksrod. So I cut of the tip of the original bonnet and welded it to the longer one. Also put the newer pushbutton handle on it. The bonnet is crooked as hell but I think I can line up everything really nice in the end. Did I mention I am on a budget here.

Now where are all the pictures of al the welding under the bonnet...... BTW, don't let the drawing in my last post fool you. I am not going to build a pick-up. I'll make a drawing soon of what I am planning.

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