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Default Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Ok, found the picture. The thiner rod bended to follow the line of the hood and the thicker rod behind it with a metal plate to make the tip of the nose. A lot sturdier now.

Then I bought some sheet metal for the footwell area. Really hard to weld under the dash when the car is still on the table so I'll finish that when the body is of the floor again.

With a newer style handle on the hood I also needed a newer style latch. Why not make it more difficult on my self, right. Cut the latch piece out of a bug nose I had lying around and took about 3 hours to place it in just the right spot. Just 1 mm of and I couldn't open the bonnet.....

Then welded in some pieces of metal to fill the gaps.

Thought this was a nice spot to put the horn. And because I wanted do some unnecessary fabrication I wanted to make a cover for the horn. So what do you do with an ashtray if you don't smoke.....

You cut it up to get nice rounded corners. Thought I could say I finished the metal work on the first 10 cm of the car, but I still need to fabricate some more stuff on the front. It looks like the ridge is kind of wobbly but that's the light playing tricks.....

On to the back. I made a frame to place, in the what we around here call the kitty litter box, to get the inner wheel wells to stay in there place. Forgot to take a pic of that... and then I cut them loose from the rest of the back. Now I thought this was an honest car. Totally rusted and covered with little plates pop riveted in place, but no hidden stuff. But I did managed to find some bondo wizardry. Somebody had welded in a new body mount plate but apparently welding on the underside was to difficult so they glued the metal together with bondo. And what better way to hold bondo and metal together then with some good old cardboard. Luckily they used a mobil box because it still looked good after al these years.... Funny stuff.

Anyway, first I made 2 body mounts and made sure they were level. Now where the front was tricky to line up, the back end was just crazy. The body went down 7cm but the back end had to go up 7cm because of the 7cm tranny raise but it also had to go 2cm forward..... so 21- 7 + 7 - 2 = ......

Tada.. it's in. Aaaah, the trickery of a flash light on your camera. It looks like the jack with the wood block is right under my level....

But actually it isn't. This is the frame that kept everything in place.

A little more bracing and the doorposts are in the right place and stay there. I know this because in this pic the camera is where the door should be. Need to buy more iron rod and start bending the shape for the back end.....

Well here we are. Next up.... make money to buy parts. Got some illustration work so I got to watch my fingers. So no metal cutting and welding for a few days.... Oooh look at my poor 1302 in the background waiting for some much needed TLC.

I'll leave you with this drawing I made. I am leaning toward doing a coupe but I am still a bit hesitant because I have no idea how I should make the roof.... and it feels like I am pushing the design a bit because it almost doesn't resemble a bug anymore..... but I think it does look cool.

Haha, just noticed I forgot to draw in the little fenders....

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