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Default Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Just a quick update. Filled the holes in the rear bonnet with the skin of a front bonnet. The hole in the middle I am going to keep for cooling...

...for the horizontal cooling fan.

Another shot of the hood but now the 2 rods at the bottom are gone....

....because I replaced them with this. The hood still needs some tweaking but it was good enough to use as reverence point. Took a plate of metal, measured it to get it symmetrical, then welded iron rods to it and cut out the middle piece. Which I am going to weld in later after I know where the engine is going to sit exactly.

Then I welded the hood to the frame again (I'm going to finish it after I get the entire rear straight and sturdy) and fitted the front cowl part to it. That's the red part. But it was just to difficult to guess where the end of the roof was going to line up.... I started on the front of the roof and then going to work my way back. In the front a 5.5 inch drop in the middle it's 4 but I'm going to push it down to 4.5 inch. Hope it's low enough for the look I am going for, but I already hit my head on the roof when I was sitting in the car..... Technically the roof is 7.5 inches lower to the floor pans then original because of the body drop.... We'll see. Now it's time for 2 days of lots of eating and beer drinking with friends and family. Merry Christmas everyone...
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