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Default Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Ok, I wanted to do a 3 window coupe but I couldn't figure out a way to make the door work without some ridicules modifications. So.... a 5 window coupe it's going to be. Made a little sketch to see if it would work......

Next, make it in metal. First I bended a rod to figure out where the bottom of the roof would go and connected it with some leftover front hood. Then I took the lower part of the side of the roof and pie cutted it like crazy....

After some moving and bending on how I wanted the line of the roof to flow I welded it together. On this pic it is actually a bit to high in the middle but I already had welded the support frame in the middle.

But a good tug and I got it to go a bit lower. Now it's chopped 4 inches in the middle. Also made a little template to see how I wanted the little windows to sit.

And after a lot of cutting, welding and I got it done.

Funny how much time I need to figure this stuff out. Because it took me about a days work to get one side done and the other side just took me 2 hours......

Here's an overall look. Next is figuring out how I am going to make the rest of the roof........

Also started on some color variations.... and finally drawn some fenders on the car.... need to do some real designing on how I want those to look....

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