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Default Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Even more roof stuff.....

After getting the rounded edges tacked it was time to fill the rest of the roof. Took the roof skin that was left and started cutting.

Few hours later, it's dark outside again and the roof skin is tacked on. However the top of the roof is to high to reach with the welder..... and after I fell of on of the chairs I thought it was time to get the car on the floor.

As soon as the car was on the ground I didn't like the way the roof was flowing. It was bothering me a bit when it was on the table but with the new perspective it was just not working for me. Jacked the car up a bit, played with some tires, made this picture, took it home and did some PS on it.

So the next day... 'Of With It's Head!!!!' And chop.

Cut two 1 inch pieces out of the leftover a pillars, welded them in and put everything back together again. Guess it's a 4 inch chop all around now.... should make fabricating the top of the doors a bit easier. Then I did a boring 2 days of hammering (because the curved roof edges warped like crazy after welding) and next up is the rear window..... Still a lot more work on the roof to come.
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