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Default Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

Time for another update. Don't wanna become Lazy Bastard of the Month so soon after having been CBotM. Anyway, time for the rear window.

Had been playing around with a lot of different designs and ideas but nothing really worked for me. Tried to make something out of the old rear window parts but the curve was totally wrong. So I decided to bite the bullet and build it from scratch and make something that would probably work for me. Hopefully.... So I started with a drawing on tracing paper. Not to big so it wouldn't fit in the roof frame and not to small so I couldn't watch out of it.

Made some wooden templates and then started marking where to cut. Looks like a big hole....

Some angle iron, bit of cutting and welding followed by some burning wood makes the first part of the window frame....

... then some 12 mm iron rod, bended and welded to the first frame part and we've got something to put in that big hole....

And welded. In hindsight I probably should've made a little curve to the top of the frame.... Hopefully it doesn't become to distractive. Have to see what happens when it's in one color and there is a window in there. You can also see the 3 inch trans raise I made. Not finished yet but I needed to know how high the transmission is, so I can figure out how to fill the rear with sheet metal.

Here's the rear window after some grinding. For now I am ok with it. I am thinking of a pop out window so I can still mess around a bit with the curve and stuff.

Here is the inside. Not done yet.

Then I started on my seats. Maybe a bit early, but I wanted to see how much space I have to work with in the back. (window templates also work as temporary back rests)

I am still trying to figure out the seats but the weather is getting better around here so I'll be spending more time on my white bug because I want to get it ready for paint. So progress on the volksrod will be a bit slow(er) from now on I guess...

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