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Default Re: Frisian Volksrod (another Dutch one)

A quick last update for 2011.

First I took a square tube and cut it in half. Welded it on the underside of the 'heather channels' and then welded a 10mm rod on to it...... Wait, this sounds familiar. Oh yeah, did this on the other side already but forgot to document it.

Next, fitting the door. Cars... you always have to do 2 sides...

Sheet metal in the rear....

then the top of the door......

Test fit of the engine. Real tight fit. I am not worried about the top because I want to custom build the cooling, horizontal cooling or center mounted set up. But the heads were really close to the body. Had to take of a valve cover to get the engine in..... Time to think up something different.

Can you see it.....? Removable rear valance and some square tubing to make it sturdy. Put on some alu valve covers to make sure I have enough room....

Because I had lifted the dash, the stock hinges of the bonnet didn't fit anymore. I had been thinking about a forward hinging bonnet but thought it was a bit to much. But now I had a good reason to build it. So after buying some BMW parts... Tada. It took me a while to figure it out but it works now. Just need to build some catchers.

Then I started filling the wheel wells and other stuff. Bit of welding here, bit of welding there and my welder started giving me more and more BS. And then it started hissing.... The inside of the torch had melted and had burned a hole in the co2 hose.... I was holding the torch and didn't even notice it. It's freezing outside and we have no heating so I was enjoying the free hand warmer.

With not being able to weld anything else anymore I pulled the body of the floor. Making everything ready for the IRS conversion. Hopefully my welder parts (wish it was a complete new welder) show up fast because next week this thing needs to be on a trailer for the KeverWinterFestijn. I have a rolling pan but I hope I can role it on this pan with 944 trailing arms..... We'll see....

Next up, drinking beer at a new years party. And then a week of a lot of and
Happy new year to you all.

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