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Default Volksrodder Meals - real recipes for cutters, welders, and drivers

It occurred to me that we've had beer threads for when you get thirsty, but no thread for what to do if you're HONGRY (in a hurry and not wanting to spend much).

I'll start this thread with a simple one-dish meal we enjoy fairly frequently:

"Doc Nugent's vinegar/beef/bean thing"
  1. Brown 1/2 lb of hamburger in a medium sized skillet (break it up into crumbly pieces as it cooks - you don't want a patty when you're done)
  2. Add a couple of tablespoonfuls of minced onion (dried or raw) to your preference and put a lid on it between stirs
  3. When the hamburger's no longer pink on the outside, add a 15 oz can of kidney beans (liquid and all)
  4. Pour apple cider vinegar into the now-empty can until it's about 1/4 full, swish it around to rinse the can, and pour the mixture into the skillet (stir in with cooked hamburger)
  5. Add 1 cup of Instant Rice (do NOT add water the box says you need since there's already enough bean juice and vinegar to soften the rice)
  6. Continue to cook until the rice is done (it'll take longer than the box says because of the beans absorbing heat, too) and the beans are warmed all the way through
  7. Serve in bowls like chili or stew (serves two HONGRY adults)
Adjust the amount of vinegar to taste (the 1/4 can above is about the minimum I use). If you're interested in "health," be sure to buy low fat hamburger.

What else is fast, cheap, and filling?
M D "Doc" Nugent
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